Your "Pour n Go" Radiator Stop Leak

Why we are best

Because for 60 years we have been the solution that works.


When properly added to your cooling system, All Weather Seal blends with the liquid forming a microemulsion. It never "settles" much like instant coffee does not settle. Because of this it does not cause sludge in your system and does not plug heater cores. We add a black color to it because if we didn't you wouldn't even know it was there by just looking at your coolant mixture.


All Weather Seal has been used in all different kinds of engine systems made up of many different kinds of metal and that use unusual various anti-freezing chemicals. It works with them all. You can even use it with just plain water if you wish, but we do recommend using some kind of anti-freeze in your vehicle. Even the newer waterless Anti-Freeze is compatible with All Weather Seal.


Our unique formula lays in wait for a leak. Happily flowing through your cooling system and interferring with nothing. But when at leak is located and your vehicle is up to operating temperature, it's the combination of heat and air that cause All Weather Seal to leap into action. It begins to form a patch over the leak like a beaver building a damm. For this reason All Weather Seal makes a GREAT preventitive solution for commercial vehicles of all kinds. If a leak happens while on the job All Weather Seal takes care of it and the vehicle keeps working.

Since 1960

Discover our history

All Weather Seal has been stopping leaks for over 60 years. Our proven track record is not something the other radiator stop leak products can boast. While not all leaks are fixable out of a bottle, if there is any chance that it can be fixed, rest asured that All Weather Seal will be the one to fix it without causing other problems. It's one of the most easy to use and most compatable with all Anti-Freezes and surface types. Plastic, rubber, aluminium, steel, cast iron, etc. will all have their leaks patched.