• Opens & cleans out plugged heater Cores
  • Clears out gelled Dex—Cool with a simple flush.
  • Diesel oil cooler failure, cleans cooling system in a single flush.
  • Fuel Tank Cleaner. Use before installing a new fuel pump to prevent premature pump failure and warranty claims.
  • Removes ethanol/bio fuel build up rust scale oils and other sludge from fuel tank.
  • Safe for use on cast iron, aluminum, brass and plastic.
  • For improved coolant flow and temperature control, always flush with Thoro—Flush for the best possible results
  • Opens and cleans out plugged heater cores
  • Professionally recommended for over 60 years.
  • Thoro—Flush is a concentrated powder and the most powerful flush available

Thoro-Flush In Action

Cleaning Engine Cooling System

Irontite Thoro—Flush comes in concentrated powder form. It is formulated to remove rust and scale from all types of metal surfaces bringing them back to like new condition. It does not harm thermostats or pumps. Thoro—Flush is the strongest coolant flush on the market and available from most major parts stores. It can clear out gelled coolant and open up plugged heater cores.

Rusty and scaled cooling systems impede the flow of coolant and measurably increase engine heat build up. If your vehicle is overheating it could be that it needs to be cleaned with Thoro—Flush to allow your coolant to once again do the job it was intended to do.

Cleaning Dirty Fuel Tanks

Cleaning a fuel tank can be a tedious process. Manufacturers tend to recommend using soap and water and reaching in to wipe down the inside surfaces of the tank, etc. With Thoro—Flush it's much easier.

Removal of Gelled Dex—Cool

Both GM and Chrysler began using Dex—Cool extended life antifreeze in their vehicles beginning in the mid—90‚s. Dex—Cool, when mixed with non—Dex—Cool Antifreezes, will create a chemical reaction turning the cooling system coolant into a thick gel. Symptoms will be engine overheating and loss of heat from the vehicle‚s heater. Getting this Dex—Cool “mud” out of a vehicle is a difficult and time consuming job.

One pint of Irontite Thoro—Flush will clean, unplug and restore a coolant system to a like—new condition with a single simple flush. Thoro—Flush can be used with a flushing machine or simply as a manual flush. This allows you to recharge the system with proper coolant mixture, which will stop the vehicle from overheating and restore the passenger heating system.

Making Coolant Flow Better and Increased Fuel Pump Life

Using a good quality flush like Thoro-Flush removes the crusty scale and rust that impedes the flow of your coolant when used in your cooling system. It also removes the foreign materials that can accumulate in your fuel tank when used to clean the fuel tank.

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