The Ones That Work!

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Irontite Additives – All Weather Seal, Thoro-Flush, and Ceramic Motor Seal

Irontite Additives

A 1, 2, 3 Punch for Your Cooling System!

  1. Flush all the rust and corrosion out with the industries most powerful flush product.
  2. Coat and seal to improve cooling performance and stop any seepage or leaking.
  3. Prevent any future leaks from possibly occurring.

Irontite provides the complete solution for your vehicle cooling system. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is, this will do the trick.

A Happy Customer from Amazon Says;

I have used these products for many years and they work better than any others I have found so far. The only caution is with the block cleaner… it cleans the whole system if you have an older vehicle use with caution because it may clean out some sludge in the cooling system and you may find a few leaks in your radiator or heater core in older vehicles that don’t get regular maintenance. don’t get me wrong these are very good products just don’t leave the cleaner in too long in older vehicles. These do exactly what they are supposed to and no less…

Amazon Customer

All three products can be purchased and used “stand-alone” or in concert with each other.

  • Thoro-Flush is the strongest Flush on the market today.
  • Ceramic Motor Seal coats the walls of your cooling system filling in cracks and pores and covering over leaks leaving a glass smooth surface that improves coolant flow.
  • All Weather Seal blends with your existing Anti-Freeze and lies in wait for a leak to appear. It then attacks the leak at the source and builds a patch over it like a beaver building a dam. Good for current leaks and any future leaks.

Had a leak in the heater core on my F150 that was allowing antifreeze vapors into the cab. Checked for a leak stopper on Amazon and this was rated very high. Went through the process of flushing and sealing by following the directions. Now a cleaner cooling system and no leak.


Not Every Leak Can Be Fixed

Some leaks are simply too large for anything out of a bottle to seal.

But, as sealers go, Irontite products have been doing the job better than any others for over 60 years now.