Cummins “250 Series” Applications

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We have received inquiries asking if we have Injector Sleeve Tooling for Cummings 855 Cylinder heads, another is 903, then there is the 1710, and more.

These are all under the same “250 Series” family of cylinder heads which all have a 5-1/2” bore.

A complete listing that uses the same Copper Injector Sleeves/Cups/Tubes & O-Ring are:

NH 230

NHC 250

NTC 250


SUPER 250/270

NT 270

NT 280

NTC 290

NT 310

NTC 335

NTC 350

NTC 400

NTA 370

NT 380

NTA 400

TNA 420

NT 855

V 903

VT 903

V-8 265

V 785, 927

VT 1710



The Irontite “250 Series” Sleeve Installation Kit Part Number is:  450-6152-50

NOTE: Sold separately, the Irontite "250 & L-10 Series" Sleeve Removal Tool is: 415-6132-50

Component items to complete your tooling needs are always available.

Please consider our “Field Tested” Injector Sleeve “Installation” Kits as more machinists are adding additional $$$ to the shop.

Irontite strives to bring you the most accurate and correct methods and tools to return engines to the factory OEM specifications. We feel that anything less is not adequate. Injector sleeve placement is critical to get proper Injector protrusion which provides the best Injector performance. That, in turn, saves on fuel and on engine wear and tear which means you get more mileage and longevity from your vehicle. Fewer trips to the fuel pump and less downtime means more money in the owner/operator's pocket.

When it needs to be done right, get it done with Irontite!


Cummins ISX15/QSX15 SOHC Injector Sleeve “Replacement Tips”

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Cummins ISX15/QSX15 SOHC Injector Sleeve “Replacement Tips”


Our Cummins ISX15/QSX15 SOHC Injector Sleeve Kit allows a machinist to remove & install injector sleeves.

Changing these injector sleeves is very basic, however, a common question we receive frequently is: “What do we do with the “Ring” at the top of the inside diameter of the old sleeve”.

This “Ring” is actually a warranty field fix for a premature leaky injector sleeve, which leaked fuel or coolant at the top of the injector sleeve.  It is a one-time warranty field fix used by the OEM or Fleet Operator. These upper Retaining Rings are not to be used again after fresh injector sleeves are installed.

To remove these upper retaining rings, using a drift or punch, coming into the injector sleeve from the deck surface, take the drift or punch and knock out the ring towards the spring side and remove the ring from the injector sleeve once it’s loose.

Now we can remove the injector sleeve and install it per our normal instructions.

With proper Injector Sleeve installation, the cylinder head is brought back into service at OEM specs, the cylinder head is then: “Irontite”.

These are the “Best Diesel Tools” on the market and a Great Opportunity for everyone to make some additional $$$ along with keeping our industry alive!!


Cummins ISX15/QSX15 SOHC Injector Sleeve Removal & Installation Kit p/n: 450-6157-00


Cummins ISX15/QSX15 SOHC Stainless Steel Injector Sleeve & O-Ring p/n::  419-6197-05


Instruction manuals are available to view or download online listed under our “Literature” tab.


Please Call or Email with any additional Industry Tips. Questions or Concerns, all are welcome.

Thanks for your business!

Again, thanks for all your support.


Rich Wengatz

Nat’l Sales Manager

Irontite Products Inc.

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