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Posted by on 11/15/11  ~  Posted in: Welcome

Welcome to our Blog!  This seems like a good way to get some more information out to the people that use our products and those who are thinking about using our products. This blog is where we will provide helpful information and insite to the processes and procedures related to all the Irontite Product Line.

Visitors are invited and encouraged to comment on our Notes so that others might benefit from their experiences and expertise or their questions.  As much as we try, we still have the ability to leave out some details that others will be quick to point out.  The end result should be better information for all.

In order to leave comments or to subscribe to this blog, visitors will need to register and provide some basic information.  Mainly we will require your email address.  It's how this system will notify you if you requested to be notified and it helps us to determine that you are a real live person rather than one of those evil spam robots that are so annoying.

Visitors who register and provide their email address are, by doing so, agreeing to be contacted on occassion via email with promotional or informational messages as well.  Irontite does not currently have a regularly scheduled mailing such as a newsletter, but should one be implimented the email address provided here by you is your act of giving your permission to be included to receive a regularly scheduled mailing in the future.  As always, you will be able to unsubscribe is you don't wish to receive more mailings.

We sincerely hope that you find benfit from the information provided here and welcome your feedback.