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New Cummins ISX/QSX15 DOHC “SINGLE FLUTED” Injector Sleeve Seat Cutter

Posted by on 11/30/17  ~  Posted in: News, Diesel Tooling Kits


Sales Brief to our Valued “Diesel” Customers!

Due to customer request, we have available an optional “Single Fluted” Injector Sleeve Seat
Cutter for Cummins ISX/QSX15 DOHC Series.

For many years we have used, still current, a “Single Fluted” Injector Sleeve Carbide Seat Cutter
used for Both:
250, L-10 & M-11 Copper Series Cylinder Heads and
M-11 & ISM Stainless Series Cylinder Heads.

With our “Three Fluted”, Carbide Injector Sleeve Seat Cutter included in our Installation Kit,
some machinist stated difficulty in cutting/machining for tip protrusion.

Proper Spindle Speed (60-85 RPM) using an adequate Machining Center (Seat & Guide
Machine), proper tooling lubricity in cutting/machining Carbide to Stainless is obtained by using
our “EA” Lube along with proper downward pressure, a machinist feel, to obtain an acceptable
seat finish to depth.

Please consider this field-tested, optional offering “Single Fluted” cutter, as more machinist are
having great usage success in cutting/machining with both Stainless & Copper Injector Sleeves.

Part Number: 416-6156-25

Thanks for placing your orders!

Again, thanks for all your support!


Rich Wengatz
Nat’l Sales Manager
Irontite Products Inc.

New Cummins ISX/QSX15 DOHC “SINGLE FLUTED” Injector Sleeve Seat Cutter