Sales Brief to our Valued “Diesel” Customers!

Due to customer request, we have available an optional “Single Fluted” Injector Sleeve Seat
Cutter for Cummins ISX/QSX15 DOHC Series.

For many years we have used, still current, a “Single Fluted” Injector Sleeve Carbide Seat Cutter
used for Both:
250, L-10 & M-11 Copper Series Cylinder Heads and
M-11 & ISM Stainless Series Cylinder Heads.

With our “Three Fluted”, Carbide Injector Sleeve Seat Cutter included in our Installation Kit,
some machinist stated difficulty in cutting/machining for tip protrusion.

Proper Spindle Speed (60-85 RPM) using an adequate Machining Center (Seat & Guide
Machine), proper tooling lubricity in cutting/machining Carbide to Stainless is obtained by using
our “EA” Lube along with proper downward pressure, a machinist feel, to obtain an acceptable
seat finish to depth.

Please consider this field-tested, optional offering “Single Fluted” cutter, as more machinist are
having great usage success in cutting/machining with both Stainless & Copper Injector Sleeves.

Part Number: 416-6156-25

Thanks for placing your orders!

Again, thanks for all your support!


Rich Wengatz
Nat’l Sales Manager
Irontite Products Inc.

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Plugged Heater Cores in 1985 – 2006 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable

Ford’s popular Taurus and its sister the Mercury Sable, with 9,632,293 vehicles sold is still a very popular used car. 

It was designed with a bypass line around the heater core, which limited coolant flow through the heater core and regularly caused the heater core to plug. The #1 Symptom is no heat.

One pint of Irontite Thoro Flush will clean, unplug and restore a heater core to a "like new" condition. A single flush with ThoroFlush following the product instructions is typically all it takes. ThoroFlush is heavily used across the Northern States to remedy plugged heater cores and bypass lines in the Taurus and Sable.  

ThoroFlush from Irontite is available in most major parts store chains.  If they don't have it sitting on the shelf you can request it from the counter sales person who should be able to pull it from their distribution warehouse in short order.  They may have to find it by part number.  It would be one of two different numbers. (468-9110-16 or 9110-16)

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