When used as directed Irontite All Weather Seal and Ceramic Seal products will permanently stop most leaks within an engines coolant system that are caused by surface cracks in the radiator, engine block, cylinder head and or gaskets.  Severe cracks or holes in the coolant system may be too large to seal.  Upon effectively stopping a coolant system leak the company guarantees those identifiable leaks will remains sealed for at least a 6 month period of time or your money back.  Should a successfully sealed leak reappear, the customer should contact Irontite.

To make a claim:

  1. Download the claim form at
  2. Print the form, complete it in full and including a copy of your receipt, a one pint sample of your vehicles coolant and certification from a licensed automotive repair facility that the previously sealed leak has failed to hold. 
  3. Mail the form and the supplement items back to the address shown on the form.  

Irontite Thoro-Flush Radiator and Engine Cleaner will effectively loosen and remove built up rust, scale and sludge from an engine cooling system to improve coolant system performance.