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Kwik-Way Valve Refacer

Irontite Crack Detection and Repair

Irontite developed the cold crack repair system in the 1950s and has set the Industry Standard for Crack Detection and Repair.

Irontite Additives

The Professionals' Choice in Engine and Cooling System Sealers and Additives, Irontite additives supplement the crack repair process as well as provide the #1 Choice in cooling system sealers and flushes.

Irontite Diesel Head Repair

When it comes to removing and installing fuel injector sleeves in Diesel engines, Irontite has the wide range of tools, sleeves and support equipment to do the job efficiently and economically - Irontite Diesel Fuel Injection Repair System

Kwik-Way Brand Valve Refacer by Irontite

The only valve refacer that has been engineered over the years since 1920 to its current design that outperforms all other valve refacers with the highest level of accuracy. True Kwik-Way Parts and Supplies can be found here.

Van Norman Brand Flywheel Grinders by Irontite.

Manufacturing the shop money maker, Van Norman Flywheel Grinders. Truly the "Timex™" of the Flywheel Grinders these machines perform over the long haul.  We make them and we have all the OEM parts and supplies for them.

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Van Norman Flywheel Grinders

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Kwik-Way Valve Refacer