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Irontite Additives

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Irontite began in 1952 offering, to the engine rebuilding industry (machine shops), "Crack Detection and Repair" (CD&R) products to detect and repair castings using our professional "cold repair" process. The process entails the removal of the cracked, fatigued metal, replacing with fresh new metal. Then testing the casting to insure it is "Irontite".

Early on with the growth of our CD&R products, we realized that many diesel cylinder heads requiring casting repair, also needed tools to remove and install fuel injector sleeves. We created a line of "Diesel Tooling" (DT), enabling the engine rebuilder/machinist to remove and install brass, copper, and now stainless steel injector sleeves.

We also saw a need for sealing these castings and set about developing our coolant additives in the early to mid 1960's.


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