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Kwik-Way Valve Refacer

Heat Tabs (220-235) Low-Temp (100/PKG)


Heat Tabs are small metal tabs that contain a specialized material in the center designed to melt at a specific temperature. They are  used for monitoring engine temperature to determine whether or not a motor has exceeded the recommended margin, otherwise known as "overheating."


These are Diesel heat tabs and they melt at 220-235 F

(need a higher temp tab, try 411-5811-81)

Don't forget the glue! Aluminum Paste ( 411-5811-82)

When you attach a heat tab to the engine it provides visual evidence that an engine has been overheated. A special heat sensitive metal has been formed into the center of the tab. When an engine reaches the tab’s melting point, this metal will melt and flow out. This is a positive method of determining that a rebuilt engine has been heated beyond normal operating temperature, voiding the warranty. Attach a Heat Tab to the upper portion of the block or to the cylinder head casting with Aluminum Paste ( 411-5811-82) .  DO NOT attach to manifolds or shielding.
  • Model: 411-5811-90
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs

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