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  • Leaking Head Gaskets.

  • Cracked Heads and Blocks in Aluminum or Cast Iron.

  • Coats the Engine and Prevents Formation of Rust and Salt Water Corrosion.

  • Seals Porous Castings in the Cooling System.

  • Stops Coolants Leaks.

  • Promotes Heat Dissipation for Added Power.

Add to Radiator Only After Removing Anti-Freeze.

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Ceramic Motor Seal a ceramic engine block sealer is a product to coat all areas of the inside of your engine cooling system.  It's important to start with a clean and free of debris system.  For this reason it is recommended that you use Irontite Thoro-Flush to fully clean your cooling system before treating with Ceramic Motor Seal.

Be sure to read and follow all the instructions carefully.  And once you have completed the application of Ceramic Motor Seal we recommend using Irontite All Weather Seal with your normal Anti-Freeze mixture.  All Weather Seal will prevent any future leaks. 


Warning: Ceramic Seal is not compatible with anit-freeze. All anti-freeze Must be removed before using.  Use a flush to "clean" your cooling system and after flushing, rinse your system with water at least once.

One bottle treats up to 6 gallons. HD trucks may require additional bottles and smaller systems may use less than the entire bottle.

CAUTION: ALWAYS ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL so radiator cap or top radiator hose can be removed safely.

Warning: Ceramic Seal is not compatible with antifreeze. All antifreeze MUST be removed before using.

Raw Ceramic Seal will damage painted and chrome surfaces perminantly.

CAUTION: ALWAYS ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL so radiator cap or top radiator hose can be removed safely.

1. Drain and flush coolant system. (We recommend Industrial-Strength Irontite Thoro Flush.) Rinse system with water at least once.
2. If vehicle does not have a pressurized radiator cap, remove top radiator hose and fill water and product directly into the radiator from the top hose.
3. Shake Bottle well. If bottle has sediment in the bottom be sure to get it mixed up before adding to your system.  (no hard lumps) If there is more than 3/4" of sediment that will not mix, do not use.
4. Fill coolant system with clean water and the appropriate amount of Ceramic Seal based on your cooling system capacity.  (1 bottle = 6 gallon system capacity. 3 gallon system capacity = 1/2 bottle)
5. Ceramic Seal WILL PERMINANTLY stain paint and/or chrome surfaces. Wipe any excess from cap and radiator neck.
6. Replace radiator cap or re-attach radiator hose and tighten hose clamp.
7. Completely fill system with water, including overflow tank. Run engine and check level again.
8. Run engine on fast idle for a minimum of 1 hour, or vehicle may be driven up to two days. Then drain completely and rinse/flush with water. The longer you run the thicker the seal coat will be.
9. Leave coolant system open and empty for 12 hours minimum to let Ceramic Seal air dry and cure. A basic hand held hair dryer can be used to speed up and/or improve drying process.
10. After 12 hours or more of air drying, fill with normal coolant mixture.
11. We recommend adding Irontite All Weather Seal, along with coolant mixture to prevent further leaks.



Caution: Avoid Skin or Eye contact.
First Aid: Eyes & Skin - Flush for 15 minutes with cool water. Internal ? Take 3-4 glasses of water or milk. Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician at once.

Advertencia: El Sellador de Ceramica no es compatible con el anticongelante. El anticongelante se tiene que vaciar antes de usar este sellador.
Un bote alcanza para 6 galones. Los camiones heavy duty requieren varios botes.
PRECAUCION: DEJE QUE EL MOTOR SE ENFRIE y remueva la tapa del radiador o la manguera superior con cuidado.
1. Drene y enjuague el radiador y las mangueras. (Recomendamos usar el Irontite Thoro -Flush.)
2. Si el vehiculo no tiene tapon de radiador, quite la manguera superior del radiador y vacie el contenido del bote directamente en la manguera junto con el agua.
3. Agite bien el bote.
4. Rellene el radiador con agua limpia y el Sellador Ceramico.
5. El Sellador Ceramico puede manchar las superficies pintadas o cromadas. Limpie los excesos de sellador del tapon y la manguera.
6. Ponga el tapon o la manguera del radiador y asegurelas.
7. Encienda el vehiculo y rellene el deposito de reserva de agua.
8. Encienda el motor y dejelo asi durante una hora minimo, o bien use el auto durante 2 dias. Despues drene completamente el radiador.
9. Deje el radiador abierto y vacio por 12 horas minimo para dejar que el Sellador de Ceramica se seque y se cure.
10. Despues de 12 horas rellene con anticongelnte.
11. Recomendamos agregar el Sellador Para Todo Clima Irontite al anticongelante para prevenir fugas a futuro y lubricar la bomba de agua.
Precaucion: Evite el contacto con los ojos y la piel.
Precaucion: Evite el contacto con los ojos y la piel. Primeros auxilios: Ojos y piel: Enjuague por 15 minutos con agua fresca. Si se ingiere tome de 3 a 4 vasos de agua o leche. No induzca el vomito. Llame a su medico inmediatamente.


As part of it's overall crack repair process, Irontite recommends Ceramic Seal. When properly applied, Ceramic Seal leaves a fine ceramic coating on the inside of the casting, closing porosity and the inside of minor cracks.

In conjunction with crack repair work, Ceramic Seal is applied to the casting after the repair process is complete to give the repair a finishing touch and the added assurance the crack is sealed.

1. The head or block is remounted on the pressure tester and the water ports are sealed so the casting can be pressurized.

2. After pressurizing the head or block and confirming the high quality of the Irontite repair job, secure the outlet and return hoses on a circulator to opposite ends of the head or block.

3. Activate the circulator and circulate Irontite Ceramic Seal through the casting at the temperature supplied by the circulator.

4. After circulating the Ceramic Seal for a period of 15-30 minutes, close off both the outlet valve and the return valve.

5. Depress the air pressure button, holding it down for a few seconds and then releasing it. This pressure forces the ceramic seal in the casting into any cracks or porosity in the interior of the casting.

6. Turn the head over, open the circulator return valve and press the air pressure button for only a few seconds. This will force the remaining liquid Ceramic Seal back into the circulator tank.

7. Remove the casting and set it to one side allowing the Ceramic Seal in the interior of the casting to cure.

After a period of time, the Ceramic Seal will cure on the inside of the casting and will serve as an additional seal to the crack. The time required for the seal to set or cure will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

NOTE: When using Irontite Ceramic Seal, it is MANDATORY that the cooling system be cleaned first to make certain that any anti-freeze or coolant is flushed out and the system is clean. Ceramic Seal IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANTI-FREEZE OR COOLANT. Combining them in the cooling system will clog the cooling system.

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