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Flywheel 6" CBN Formula X


Flywheel 6" Cubic Boron Nitrite (CBN) Formula X

Vitrified CBN grinding wheels greatly increase productivity and quality over conventional grinding wheels. Good for high volume shops because of the great improvement in productivity and reduction in maintenance due to less debris from the grinding process. In some cases improvements of 20% to 40% are possible. 

CBN, Cubic Boron Nitride, is twice as hard as aluminum oxide. This means a CBN wheel can often last 10 times longer than a composite grinding wheel. Dressing the wheel needs to be done less frequently and wheel changes are also less frequent. The hardness of the CBN crystals allows them to stay sharp longer.

The CBN wheel virtually eliminates the need for the radius cutter optional kit because you are able to grind more closely to an edge without fear of causing a catastrophic failure of the grinding wheel.

CBN is a much better heat conductor than steel and acts as a heat sink right at the point where the heat is being generated. So grinding with CBN can reduce the risk of burn. It has also been shown to leave beneficial compressive residual stresses.

A vitrified wheel has a strong chemical connection between the bond posts and the abrasive grains. This allows for significant porosity in the wheels for grinding coolant to get in and lubricate and cool the cutting zone.

  • Model: 794-8060-00
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7lbs

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