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Irontite All Weather Seal, Pour and Go to stop leaks



The Ultimate Fix for Head Gasket, Radiator, and other Coolant System Leaks  Easy to use – pour directly into the radiator  Blends with coolant to permanently stop existing and future leaks  Ideal for the most extreme weather conditions – Hot or Cold  Lubricates Water Pump Seals 


  • Pour-and-Go formula does not require flushing of coolant mixture
  • Stops coolant leaks in minutes
  • Stops head/intake gasket, radiator, and other coolant system leaks
  • Permanently blends with all coolants & types of antifreeze to stop existing and future leaks
  • Will NOT clog heater cores
  • Micro Fibers detect and stop leaks at their source
  • Formulated to work in the most extreme weather conditions, HOT or COLD
  • Works with all types of materials. (Alumium, Cast Iron, Plastic, rubber, etc.)

STOP COOLANT LEAKS - Radiator, Head Gasket, Cylinder Head & Engine Block. Gasoline or Diesel Engines.
Easy to use POUR-AND-GO formula! Mixes with ALL antifreeze to stop existing and future leaks.

DO NOT add to engine oil, transmission or brake fluid. 

Activation happens when both heat and air, under mild pressure, is encountered by the solution.

One bottle treats up to 6 gallons. HD trucks may require additional bottles. Use the appropriate amount for your cooling systems' capacity.

CAUTION: ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL so radiator fill cap can be removed safely anytime you are removing the cap. 

  1. We recommend if the coolant is old, dirty or rusty that you flush with Irontite Thoro-Flush and refill with new coolant mixture. Adding additives to a dirty coolant system may harm the system. Flushing is not necessary for the product to stop a leak but can help to avoid possible complications. 
  3. (A) If the radiator has a cap, put All Weather Seal directly into the radiator. (B) If you have a later model vehicle with no radiator cap, put the Irontite All Weather Seal into the radiator fill reservoir.  The product must mix with your existing coolant solution to function correctly. You can pre-mix in a bucket before pouring in to help with the mixing process.
  4. Wipe any excess from cap or reservoir neck. 
  5. Fill coolant system with coolant. 
  6. Replace the cap.
  7. Start vehicle with the heater on high, full heat and run the engine to full operating temperature. Leaks usually stop in 2–5 minutes after reaching operating temperature. First run we recommend driving for 30 min or more to ensure product is fully mix with your coolant mixture.
  8. Drive vehicle as normal. All Weather Seal will continue to prevent further leaks and lubricate the water pump.

Note: Be sure to keep your coolant mixture level is full while using All Weather Seal. Be sure, if your vehicle has a thermostat (most do), that it is working properly so that coolant can both get up to operating temperature AND can flow through the entire cooling system.  If your thermostat does not open, the All Weather Seal won't get correctly mixed into your system and may cause damage to your cooling system.

HOW ALL WEATHER SEAL WORKS (using metaphors to help illustrate)

All Weather Seal dissolves to form a microemulsion much like instant coffee dissolves into water. If it weren't for the coloring we add to it you would not be able to tell it was in your system once it's fully dissolved. However, unlike instant coffee, All Weather Seal is not as anxious to dissolve so it must be agitated.  It doesn't take a lot of agitation so adding it where circulation occurs is typically good enough.  Or you can kind of pre-mix it in a bucket before adding to your system. 

Once mixed it remains dormant until two conditions are encountered.  The first is that the solution must be at or near operating temperature and the second is that it must encounter air.  When those two conditions are encountered by the solution it begins to form a patch over the leak going to air much like a Beaver building a damn. 

DANGER: Avoid Skin or Eye Contact

Eyes & Skin – Flush for 15 minutes with cool water. Internal: Drink 3–4 glasses of water or milk. 
Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately!



El Sellador Para Cualquier Temporada Funciona Con Todo 
Tipo De Anticongelantes.
Un bote alcanza para 6 galones. Los camiones para 
trabajo pesado requieren varios botes.
PRECAUCION: Permita que el motor se enfrie para poder 
quitar la tapa del radiador con sequridad.
1. Si el anticongelante esta muy viejo, sucio o con oxido, 
se recomienda drenarlo con el producto Thoro-Flush 
de Irontite y poner nuevo anticongelante. Anadir 
cualquier tipo aditivo a un sistema de enfriamiento 
sucio podría danarlo. Hacer esto no es necesario para 
que el producto tapa la fuga. 
2. Agite bien el bote.
3. (A) Si el radiador tiene tapa, quítela y ponga el 
sellador para cualquier temporada en el radiador. 
(B) Si su vehiculo es de reciente modelo y el 
radiador no tiene tapa, ponga el sellador para 
cualquier temporada en el tanque de reserva de agua. 
4. Ponga la tapa.
5. Limpie cualquier exceso de la tapa del radiador o el 
tanque de reserva de agua.
6. Llene el sistema de enfriamiento con anticongelante de 
7. Encienda el vehiculo con la calefacción encendida en 
alto. Mantenga el motor hasta que se caliente. Las 
fugas normalmente desaparecen de 2–5 minutos 
después de haber llegado a la temperatura normal de 
8. Maneje el vehiculo normalmente, el sellador para 
cualquier temporada evitara que aparezcan nuevas 
fugas y lubricara la bomba del agua. 
PELIGRO: Evite el Contacto con Piel y Ojos.
Primeros Auxilios: Enjuague Area Afectada con 
Abundante Agua Fria (OJOS/PIEL)
En caso haber ingerido tomar de 3–4 vasos de agua o 
No induzca el vomito
Llame a su medico de inmediato

  • Model: 468-9130-16
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs

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