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Shipping & Returns

All Information Displayed on this Website is intended
for US Domestic customers only. 

International Customers Should Contact Their Local Distributor
or Write to Us at   international (at) for a quote.

For Shipping or Returns Policy information, please contact customer service at 800-553-5953. 

Shipping and Returns Policy

We greatly value our customers and fully understand that there are times when product needs to be returned for various reasons. It is not the intent of Irontite to penalize for returns but to state procedures that will help expedite the process, so that your return may be handled as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you have any questions regarding the policies or believe you have an exception, please contact customer service.

Returns Must Meet ALL Applicable Criteria  
  • If your returned product does not match all applicable criteria listed below, it will be rejected by our Returns Warehouse and returned back to you. Consequently, your RMA will be nullified and any credit request will be denied and any replacement order will be canceled. Our arrangements with our suppliers allow us no room to make exceptions.
  • The customer, except in special circumstances, will always pay return shipping.
Returns Must be Complete
  • Retain your RMA Number until you receive your credit or replacement product!
  • If your return is not complete, it will be rejected by our Returns Warehouse and returned back to you.
  • All returns must include the following:
    1. Original packaging (manufacturer's box, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.) whenever possible.

    2. Original intact UPC barcode. Do not cut out the UPC code until you have examined and tested the product to your satisfaction. Removal of the UPC code voids any possibility of return regardless of RMA or credit request status.

    3. Valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). See RMA Conditions, below.

    4. Original packing slip. Do not mail or dispose of the packing slip until you have examined and/or tested the product to your satisfaction. If you no longer have your packing slip, you will need to get approval for the return from a customer service representative.

    5. All accessories (transformers, antennas, remote controls, batteries, software disks, etc.)

If the part you are returning is part of a kit we typically require the entire kit be returned. If you are unsure, call a customer service representative. The RMA number must NOT be written on the retail display packaging. Please write the RMA number on the label used to return the item or the brown shipping box near the label. Items received with any writing on the display packaging or retail box will be refused and returned to you without credit approval.

If you need a shipping label you can download one and print it from our website at

Basic Return Policy  
  • Unless otherwise stated, you have 30 days from the date your product left the warehouse (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product) to get a valid RMA from our website and get your product to a shipper to return back to us. It does not have to be back in our warehouse within 30 days, but it does have to be in the possession of the shipper (along with the valid RMA).
  • If you are returning a product, you must pay return shipping fees.
  • Many of the items we sell have Special Return Policies. See the appropriate policy below to see if items you purchase are affected or call a customer service representative if you are unsure to avoid delays in processing your return.

Special Return Policy

Clearance Items
  • Clearance products may be returned only when defective. If part of a product is defective, return the entire product. Defective Clearance products may only be returned within 30 days of the date your product left the warehouse (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product).

Opened Software, Media, Books
  • The following products, if opened, may be returned for a replacement item only: Software, Videos, DVDs, and books.

Products on Promotion
  • Products sold on a promotion may be returned only when defective. Defective products may only be returned within 30 days of the date your product left the warehouse (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product). Part of how we can afford to reduce prices on promotional items is by not needing to retain and process returns from customers who change their mind about wanting the product. As always, if the product is defective we will allow you to return it.

  • Printers may be returned for a credit only if unopened. If opened, they may only be returned for a replacement item and not for a credit. Remove all ink cartridges before returning products. Failure to remove cartridges might cause the products to be damaged during a return, nullifying your RMA and causing your replacement order to be canceled.

RMA Conditions
  • Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) must be valid, unexpired, and issued for the product being returned.
  • RMAs are valid only within the 30-day timeline specified in the Basic Return Policy. Only one RMA is issued per return. When it expires, you may no longer return your product.
  • If you are returning a product, you must pay return shipping fees.
  • In some cases, we will issue a call tag and the shipper will come to you to pick up the product. In most cases, we will not and you will have to take your return to an authorized facility such as a Post Office or a UPS facility or a Mailboxes, etc. facility.

After the Return is Received at the Warehouse
  • Please allow up to fourteen days for your return to be shipped to our Returns Warehouse, depending on the shipper. Please also allow a reasonable amount of time to process your return after it has arrived at our Returns Warehouse.
  • Depending on the applicable policies above, you can request either a credit or a replacement when you return your product. If you request a credit, your original method of payment will be credited as soon as possible after your return is processed and approved. If you request a replacement product, your replacement order will be sent to fulfillment once your return is processed and approved. How quickly your replacement product ships after that depends on product availability.
  • In most cases, we ship your replacement order before we receive your return (cross-ship).

Special Shipments with Core Returns
  • On certain items, you can purchase a replacement product to be shipped in advance. You will be charged full price for the items. You will receive an RGA number for the failing item to be returned for a Core Credit. The item determines the amount of the Core Credit.
  • The Returned Core Item will be inspected upon return. If it passes the minimum requirements for that particular core return item your account will be credited the core return amount as soon as possible. If the returned core does not pass the minimum requirements your account will not be credited and the item returned to you.

Shipping Times / Stock Availability

Please use this formula to determine when your order will arrive:

Shipping Time + Shipping Method = Total Delivery Time
  • Shipment time
    (the time between ordering a product and that product leaving our warehouse) depends on stock availability.
  • Back Order
    This product is not currently in stock at any of our warehouse locations. We have ordered the product from our supplier, but have not received a date yet as to when we will receive this product or the product is currently being manufactured by us but we do not yet have a stocking date.
  • On Order
    This product is not currently in stock. We have ordered the product from our supplier and will ship your item as soon as possible or as soon as the manufactured item is stocked in our warehouse.
  • Pre-Order
    This product has not yet been released from the publisher, studio or manufacturer, but we are currently taking preorders for it. We will ship you your order as soon as it is available.
  • Currently Unavailable
    This product is currently unavailable. We are not accepting orders for it at this time. Please call or check our website for future availability.

Irontite does not ship on Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Please allow additional shipping time for weekend orders.  Shipping "DAYS" always refers to normal "Bussiness Days" which do not include any holidays or weekend days.

For quicker delivery, Irontite ships from multiple warehouses and in most cases will use the warehouse closest to your location. Also, we ship each item as soon as it is ready, so don't be concerned if your order arrives in separate shipments.
  • Items are typically shipped the same day as ordered or 1 business day after if your order is placed after 2 pm CST Mon. - Thurs. or after 10 am on Fridays.  All delivery times mentioned are in addition to order processing time which could add 1 or more days to receiving your shipment.
  • If you order items with different stock availability - for example, an in-stock item along with a pre-ordered item - each item will ship as soon as it's ready. Website orders will be charged the freight on the entire order when the first product ships. Subsequent shipments of that order will not have any freight charges.
  • Please note our warehouses do not ship on weekends and we do not offer Sunday or holiday delivery. Website orders will not offer Saturday, Sunday or holiday delivery.
  • If the weight of your items(s) is less than 13 oz. Standard Shipping, the item (s) MAY ship US Postal Service First Class Mail. This is primarily for literature or other forms of media.
  • Tracking information provided upon request when available.
  • COD shipping is not available from our online store.  You can elect to pay via Money Order or by Company or Cashiers Check, but your order will be held until payment has been received.  After your funds have been verified by your payment method we will then ship your order.




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